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Do you suffer from obesity, joint pain, infertility, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, depression, anxiety and heart disease?

Women, particularly those over 60, are more likely to have hypothyroidism which if improperly treated can cause a number of health problems including obesity, joint pain, infertility, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, depression, anxiety and heart disease.

Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid, is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough important hormones.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism and occurs when the immune system produces antibodies that attack the thyroid.

You don't have to live life in a brain fog and exhausted all the time

If you are suffering from Low Thyroid or Hashimoto’s you don't have to live life in a brain fog and exhausted all the time!

If your doctor is telling you that your bloodwork is normal but you still feel worsening symptoms of brain fog, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and fluctuations in weight please know…

There is another way!

Non-Drug Treatment for Low Thyroid and Hashimotos

Carolina Pure Wellness has created a comprehensive all natural, drug free treatment program to address the underlying cause of Low Thyroid and Hashimoto’s which in many cases traces its origin to an autoimmune disorder where one’s own body attacks its thyroid gland.

In many instances, standardized lab tests will indicate normal levels of thyroid hormones but patients continue to suffer from brain fog, fatigue, depression and other debilitating side effects of thyroid disease without receiving further help or relief from their doctors.

Patients with Hashimoto’s have a defective gene which causes their body to attack its thyroid. We carry out detailed testing to determine what triggers the defective gene and causes the immune system to flare up. We run food allergy and sensitivity tests and check blood chemistry for inflammation markers, infections, parasites, leaky gut, candida and toxins. To address underlying issues proper nutrients from a pharmaceutical grade lab are used to balance out the system to repair the gut and the brain.

Our multi-pronged treatment protocols also utilize nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and lifestyle enhancements to identify and eliminate the root cause of your thyroid symptoms so you become energized, vibrant and able to fully re-engage with life.

Are you a good candidate for our treatment?

  • Your lab tests are normal but you still feel sick and tired
  • Your thyroid medication isn’t helping
  • Your doctor offers thyroid replacement drugs as the only form of treatment
  • You want to try a drug-free approach

Our Lab Analysis

Medical advances in our understanding of the immune system have demonstrated its far greater and more important role in our overall health and wellness.

The immune system not only defends our bodies against numerous threatening agents and invaders but it also repairs any damage they cause by restoring tissue and organs that have become burdened and overstressed.

The most common assaults posing the greatest burden to our immune system on a daily basis are digestive remnants and environmental antigens. By identifying these antigens through advanced lab analysis and eliminating them from our exposure, the immune burden can be reduced or eliminated, allowing the defense and repair systems to return to optimal function.

The result is improved, sustainable health.

Carolina Pure Wellness performs advanced biomedical lab analysis far beyond standardized medical lab testing.

The Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA) developed by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC makes it possible to examine the general health of a patient’s immune system by monitoring delayed hypersensitivity responses to over 500 common substances. The tests identify reactive substances, which may be provoking the patient’s chronic condition. Patients are also provided a personalized treatment plan to help eliminate these sensitivities and restore overall health.

The LRA by ELISA/ACT are the first and only blood tests that give a complete evaluation of the body’s delayed immune response.

Personalized Test Results

  • A detailed report identifying up to 505 substances as nonreactive, moderately reactive or strongly reactive.
  • An easy-to-use guide explaining each reactive item along with suggestions for substitutions.
  • A laminated wallet card listing reactive items to use when grocery shopping or dining out.

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