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Chronic Knee Pain

Have you ever wondered why with all the recent breakthroughs in medical care that knee pain sufferers STILL STRUGGLE with knee pain every single day with no hope of relief in sight?

Carolina Pure Wellness offers a safe and effective NEW choice for patients suffering with chronic knee pain. Our clinic offers the best of cutting edge medical treatments to not only help resolve your chronic knee pain, but also rehabilitate and stabilize the knee as well.

To give our patients full confidence in our treatment methods, we’ve designed an extensive diagnostic evaluation protocol to determine if you’re a candidate for our care. Call for our in-depth evaluation, extensive testing and detailed analysis of our findings will give you ALL the information that you need to know before starting treatment, so you can be assured our methods will greatly reduce and even eliminate your chronic knee pain.

What Causes Chronic Knee Pain

There are well over two dozen knee-specific conditions that trigger knee pain, not including the numerous systemic problems that affect the knee joints like diabetes or arthritis. Knee pain may be caused by:
  • Bursitis of the knee
  • Dislocation and injury
  • Tendinitis, joint & ligament damage
  • Cysts on the cartilage or muscles
  • Sprains and strains of the tendons around the bone
  • Gout and pseudo gout
  • Hyper-extension during exercise or activity
  • Wear and tear due to aging
  • Infections of the knee
  • Tears in the meniscus
  • Bone Spurs and Trauma Related Knee Pain
  • Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Arthritis

Why Our Treatment Gets Quick Results

Using scientific advances in medical laser technology and knee decompression has successfully treated thousands of patients with debilitating knee pain.

If education, exercise, knee braces and anti-inflammatory medications have not provided enough relief for you to live pain-free and reasonably active you may wish to consider our super pulsed laser therapy - a safe, highly effective option that can help you avoid knee replacement surgery.

Super pulsed laser therapy is a non-surgical, non-pharmacologic therapy for knee pain. It helps to relieve pain, improve mobility and enables our patients to quickly resume their normal activities. 

Our Revolutionary Treatment Stops Knee Pain in its Tracks