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Many people with Fibromyalgia suffer from debilitating symptoms so severe that daily living becomes unbearable. Sufferers often describe symptoms of hurting all over their body coupled with crushing exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Making matters worse, there are doctors and other health practitioners who continue to dismiss Fibromyalgia as a genuine condition simply because they are not skilled at working with patients to help them determine the underlying cause and relieve their symptoms.

People with Fibromyalgia experience pain in their tendons and ligaments, along with tender points throughout their body along with fatigue. Even slight pressure on tender points can cause pain. Researchers believe repeated nerve stimulation causes the brains of people with fibromyalgia to change. This change involves an abnormal increase in levels of certain chemicals in the brain that signal pain (neurotransmitters). In addition, the brain's pain receptors seem to develop a sort of memory of the pain and become more sensitive, meaning they can overreact to pain signals.

Recent advances in medical technologies including neurofeedback and laser pain therapy have been shown to bring rapid relief to Fibromyalgia patients and we at Carolina Pure Wellness offer this combination using the most powerful laser on the market and advanced neurofeedback therapy. We also conduct detailed laboratory testing to to examine the general health of a patient’s immune system to identify any reactive substances that may be provoking the chronic condition.

Our multi-pronged treatment approach is tailored to each patient’s individual condition to provide the most optmial environment for the body’s natural healing abilities to unfold.

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by additional chronic conditions and so a thorough health history and evaluation is needed to determine whether you are a potential candidate for our treatment program.

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